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Projects & downloadsOnline-Videothek 1.0

This technical example of an online video store, Michael Düpjohann and Gregor Bram Hoff have developed during their university internship in Business Informatics, includes many PHP and SQL functions. It has a secure login and programmed sessions, multiple input validation associated with masks (for example, age or e-mail address), a database management, time based work (no delete, only invalidness), a search function within the database, complex database queries, a PDF Export and many other useful functions. Therefore, this project is well suited to explore unknown functions in a running example. In the download file both the entire source code as well as the related database (SQL can be imported) with some objects are included. An example of how the online video store looks like can be found there. It should be noted that we primarily focused the functionality and not the design. In order for the project to run PHP and MySQL is needed (eg with XAMPP).