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Projects & downloadsImproved Delphi Hardware-Serialnumber-Generator 2.1

At the website Tomksoft shows, how to make an effective hardware-serial-number with Delphi. The code presented there has some bugs and we fixed them. We don't want to keep back these informations to the public.

Following things were improved:
- First MAC-Address was included into the analysis
- Only serial numbers and modells of internal hard-disks get analyzed, no card reader or other storage memory devices. Because of this improvement, the hardware-id will not distorted and the application will not hang if a memory card is not inserted.
- Some other changes

This unit creates a hardware-key which contains following factors:
- Motherboard name
- Windows serial number
- Windows install date
- Processor ID
- Serialnumbers of all internal hard disks
- Models of all internal hard disks
- MAC-addresses of all network adapters

This download package contains following third parties products:
- Magenta Systems WMI and SMART Component v5.2 (modified)
- MD5 unit
- HWSNGen unit (modified)
- Unit ethernet_address (unused)

These partitions are in copyright of their respective owners.

Works with Delphi 2009.
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder