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Project description:

Due to a project I needed a function that reads the original file name from a trash file. After some research I found publications and forensics freeware which analyze the structure of trash index files and describe or analyze it. Unfortunately, I must say that all publications that I've found were erroneous (some fatal) and not all analysis programs could handle all types of trash index files (various Windows versions). So I have made a different trash structure analysis (Windows 95 to Windows 7) and a Delphi unit, a including sample program. Of course I wanted to do something good for the community and published this unit open source. The operator or authors of the publications/websites were also contacted by me in order to refer to their errors. Microsoft of course does not comment the development of Windows structure files.

Requires at least Delphi 4, but RecyclerGetDateTime() is first unlocked in Delphi 6.

I successfully tested the program with Windows NT4, 95 (with and without IE4 ShellExtensions), 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10, 11 and with ReactOS.
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder

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  Recycle Bin Unit Demo application  

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