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Project description:

OIDplus is an OpenSource database solution to manage Objekt Identifiers ("OIDs") and many other object types (e.g. COM GUIDs). With OIDplus, you can operate your own "Registration Authority" and either present your objects to the public, or manage them internally (hidden from the public). You can delegate permissions to subordinate objects to other users (RAs) in the system, so that they can work independently.

The ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority already uses OIDplus 2.0 and even gives users the possibility to gain a free OID.

We are grateful for every person that wants to install OIDplus on their systems, as we love to see our product spreading and receive feedback about the user-experience. Therefore, if we can help you with installing OIDplus and migrating your data into OIDplus, please let us know. We will support you with this, free of charge!

You can find more information at
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder

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  OIDplus 2.0  

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