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Projects & downloadsDigital Plain Color Studio - Bitmap Utilities

Project description:

Digital Plain Color Studio is a software toolbox which allows to edit bitmap files in a special way.


A program that replaces colored lines with their adjacent colors. This program is used in the Digital Plain Color colorating technique to remove black pixels in a b/w-matrix to allow an overlay for images with high black percentage (Shaded).

Color Analyzer

A program which analyzes and filters the colors of a bitmap file. A color table can be created. Suitable for extreme checks in the DPC processing.


An anti escaping program, which works in a 3x3, 3x2 and 2x3 rectangle with a 1x1 progress. Line color is RGB 0, 0, 0 (black). Some special rules for escapes or edges includes. Input: BMP files. Anti escape is red.

Color Changer

To easily change or interchange colors.

S/W Maker

To create a 2 color matrix of the bitmap.


To multiply two layers (useful for anti line image and original image).

Several new features

Several bug fixes, now more faster and with an installer.
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder

Downloads related to this project

Windows 32 Installer
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder
Source code for Embarcadero Delphi.
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder