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Project description:

The Windows role-playing games of the project "Aysalia" (former "Dragon Quest") has been recently developed by me.

"Aysalia" is a project of Mystix Development.
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder

Screenshots of the projekt

  Schatten über Aysalia - Title screen    Schatten über Aysalia - Character creation    Schatten über Aysalia - Map    Schatten über Aysalia - Combat screen    Zeitalter der Dämonen - Title screen    Zeitalter der Dämonen - Character creation    Zeitalter der Dämonen - Inventar    Zeitalter der Dämonen - Map    Zeitalter der Dämonen - Village    Zeitalter der Dämonen - Combat    Aysalia DOS Launcher    Aysalia DOS 1    Aysalia DOS 2  

Downloads related to this project

The dual pack Aysalia I was released by me (Daniel Marshall) and contains the following components:

- Microsoft Visual Basic / C++ Runtime libraries
- Aysalia: The Age Of Demons 1.5.3 (+ VB6 source code)
- Aysalia: Shadow of Aysalia 2.3.1 (+ VB6 source code)
- Installation source & resources
- Aysalia DOS 1
- Aysalia DOS 2
- DOSBox with integrated menu for Aysalia DOS 1 und 2 (+ launcher source code)
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder