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In the ViaThinkSoft CodeLib you can find various ressources like source code snippets, Delphi VCLs, PHP units any much more.

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Delphi: Check if sound card support 8 or 16 bit waveoutDaniel Marschall28 Juny 2020140
Delphi: When Edit control is entered, select all textDaniel Marschall4 March 2019136
Delphi: Open property sheet of a file or folderDaniel Marschall20 February 2019216
Delphi: Check if drive letter is a fixed driveDaniel Marschall20 February 2019150
Delphi: Check if Delphi is runningDaniel Marschall13 February 2019160
Delphi: Is number an integer?Daniel Marschall13 November 2018342
Delphi: Read file into stringDaniel Marschall13 November 2018334
Delphi: Text auf MDI-Hintergrund schreibenDaniel Marschall17 January 201812060
Delphi: Make Indy compatible with Delphi 2007Daniel Marschall1 December 201715619
Delphi: Indy HTTP Server: Read and write session variablesDaniel Marschall15 September 201720327
Delphi: Bug in Delphi 2007: Single string inside a record causes String reference counting to failDaniel Marschall13 September 201720512
Delphi: FastMM4 meldet Memory Leak "TIdCriticalSection" bei Indy 10Daniel Marschall13 September 201719933
Delphi: Stop music system wideDaniel Marschall6 January 201722404
Delphi: Adding TWebBrowser into Delphi 10.1 Starter EditionDaniel Marschall25 November 201622977
Delphi: Convert rich text (RTF) into plain textDaniel Marschall27 September 201621515
Delphi: Microsoft Word OLE Automatisation: Get text of table cells, inclusive formattingDaniel Marschall19 August 201621353
Delphi: ADO: List all primary keys of a tableDaniel Marschall13 July 201621228
Delphi: Delphi Datenbanken: Fragen, ob man Änderungen speichern möchteDaniel Marschall24 February 201620736
Delphi: Delphi Datenbanken: OnValidate und OnBeforePost vereinen?Daniel Marschall24 February 201621703
Delphi: Bits lesenDaniel Marschall21 January 201021681
Delphi: BinaryStringToHexDump()Daniel Marschall21 January 201021500
Delphi: Binäre Daten aus der Registry lesenDaniel Marschall21 January 201021640
Delphi: Eine String-Referenz (@system32.dll,-xxxx) entschlüsselnDaniel Marschall21 January 201021782
Delphi: Einen Resourcenstring aus einer DLL lesenDaniel Marschall21 January 201021470
Delphi: Umgebungsvariablen interpretierenDaniel Marschall21 January 201021698
Delphi: BinarySafeReplace.pasDaniel Marschall17 December 200922007
Delphi: Enthält Datei binäre Daten?Daniel Marschall17 December 200921391
Delphi: Recursively iterate files in a folderDaniel Marschall8 December 200921997
Delphi: Titel einer WMV-Datei auslesenDaniel Marschall8 December 200921483
Delphi: ExtractFileNameWithoutExt()Daniel Marschall8 December 200922302
Delphi: Text aus einer Klammer auslesenDaniel Marschall8 December 200921586
Delphi: Eine Klasse in eine DLL auslagern?Daniel Marschall25 November 200923694
Delphi: Echter Windows-Handcursor bei crHandPointDaniel Marschall17 August 200922441
Delphi: Indexposition eines Strings in einem String-Array ermittelnDaniel Marschall27 October 200822092
Delphi: Bug-Workaround: TValueListEditor Zelle auswählen im OnShow-EreignisDaniel Marschall26 October 200822252
Delphi: Textcursor im TValueListEditor beeinflussenDaniel Marschall26 October 200822238
Delphi: Funktion zum Splitten eines StringsVictor-Philipp Negoescu2 October 200821776