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First of all, you need:

DECLARE @AllConnections TABLE(
    Status VARCHAR(MAX),
    HostName VARCHAR(MAX),
    Command VARCHAR(MAX),
    CPUTime INT,
    DiskIO INT,
    LastBatch VARCHAR(MAX),
    ProgramName VARCHAR(MAX),
    SPID_1 INT,

INSERT INTO @AllConnections EXEC sp_who2

Then, if you want to check if any other computer or user is accessing the database:

SELECT * FROM @AllConnections WHERE DBName = ( select DBName from @AllConnections where SPID_1 = @@spid )
and LOGIN+'@'+HostName not in ( select LOGIN+'@'+HostName from @AllConnections where SPID_1 = @@spid )

If you want to check if any other connection is open (even if it is on the same computer or the same app), use this:

SELECT * FROM @AllConnections WHERE DBName = ( select DBName from @AllConnections where SPID_1 = @@spid )
and SPID_1 <> @@spid
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