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Project description:

YouTube Downloader is a tool for Linux. It is a wrapper for youtube-dl and offers several additional functionalities.

Special features:
- Downloading of all videos of a channel or a playlist.
- Automatic searching inside channels or globally (whole YouTube)
- You can download videos and audio files.
- YouTube-IDs can be automatically written in the ID tag of downloaded mp3 files.
- An automatically managed list of already downloaded videos allows you to move away from the downloaded files without the risk of downloading the already downloaded files again.
- An automatically managed list of failed downloads will avoid that a video, which is not available anymore, is tried to be downloaded too many times.
- Creation of SFV and/or MD5 checksum files.
- The tool is fully CLI and is optimized for cronjobs.

- Package "youtube-dl"
- If you want to extract MP3 files: "avconv" or "ffmpeg". Optional: "id3v2"
- Ein Youtube API-Key (obtain here)
Daniel Marschall
ViaThinkSoft Co-Founder

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