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Projects & downloadsvipitec - Shop for electronic kits, components, parts and accessories

Project description:

vipitec is a German online shop for electronic kits, parts, components and accessories that has been founded in 2023.

Its main focus is on the sale of fully functional electronic kits, which offer interested hobbyists not only a gain in experience but also possible hard benefit. The range of products offered is supplemented by spare parts and useful extensions.

The online shop can be reached at the URL

From a development point of view, the web shop (based on OpenCart) and the ERP system (based on Odoo) were set up in a first iteration and company-specific extensions were implemented in both applications. The systems were enabled via tailor-made interfaces to synchronize order information and stock levels and the possibility was created to automatically generate lot barcodes so that smooth traceability of products sold becomes possible. On the infrastructure side, a Docker-based CI/CD process was set up in order to be able to quickly roll out new functional extensions.

In the following iterations, there are plans to integrate further interfaces to online marketplaces, to enable the automated printing of shipping labels and to support storage processes via the integration of mobile applications.
Victor-Phillip Negoescu
ViaThinkSoft Gründer