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Project description:

thinkBug is a bug-tracking system by ViaThinkSoft.

The program based on PHP can manage both bug reports, todos together with suggestions. thinkBug supports joint project work with following integrated, powerful features:

-- User authorization system
-- Staff management
-- Version management
-- Components administration
-- Staff-to-component - linking management
-- Semi-Automatic allocation of new entries to qualified employees
-- Notification and alarm functions via e-mail
-- Unregistered users can create entries, if desired

The following features are currently in progress:

-- Administration area for setting global settings
-- Connection to an FTP / HTTP supported up-/download system by webbrowser

The following features are currently under discussion:

-- Connection to a version control system (Subversion, CVS, etc.)

Updated on June 26th 2008
Victor-Phillip Negoescu
ViaThinkSoft Gründer

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