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About us

ViaThinkSoft [viːaː'θɪŋkssɒft] - that's the name of a group of software developers involved in the development of Windows, Linux and web applications. Our goal is to write demandingly, intelligent and well-engineered software that meets the expectations of the user. With particular emphasis we aim to develop programs that are easy to use, efficient and safe.


If you like to actively support and contribute our project - as a developer, beta tester or as an interested user - feel free to use our contact form. Each mail will be answered.

If you choose to cooperate in the name of ViaThinkSoft, you will get (if desired) free, non-binding access to the following services:

* As much as server's hard drive allows

The name "ViaThinkSoft"

Our name represents our idea summarized: "ViaThink" - "getting to the desired objective by thinking and reflection".


ViaThinkSoft was founded on October 23rd 2002 by Victor-Philipp Negoescu. At the moment, we consist of 4 members.

Name Role Contact
Victor-Philipp Negoescu Founder, Treasurer, Server administration, Software developer Contact
Daniel Marschall Co-Founder, Security und Backup Management, OID Registration Authority, Server administration, Software Developer Contact
Thomas Bretzke Co-operation, Third-Party software developer Contact
Michael Düpjohann Co-operation, Third-Party software developer Contact

Instead of sending your general questions to our users, we would like you to contact the ViaThinkSoft administration through our contact form.